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The Things You'll Love and Hate About Living in an HOA Community


Love: Offers a Range of Amenities and Recreational Areas

You can have access to a range of amenities being offered by the HOA, such as swimming pools, gym or workout stations, and tennis court. There are also recreational areas for residents, like walking trails, jogging paths, playing fields, and community centers. 

Hate: Restrictive Rules and Covenants

While they differ from community to community, each HOA has its own declaration of “covenants, conditions, and restrictions” or CC&Rs. These are the rules that residents have to follow while living in the community. The goals of these rules are not to meddle but to maintain the attractiveness of the neighborhood and the value of the properties. However, some homeowners may find the covenants to be too restrictive or unreasonable since it prevents them from enjoying the freedom they want to have over their home.

Love: Less Work and Maintenance

Living in an HOA community could mean less work for you as a homeowner. HOAs handle services such as exterior home repairs, lawn care, snow removal, and pest control. They are also responsible for the upkeep of common areas, buildings, and shared amenities.

Hate: You Can’t Paint, Decorate, or Renovate Your Home in the Way You Like It

Those CC&Rs mean the modifications you can do to your home are limited. Before you can push through with painting your home in your chosen colors, installing a play area or swing set, decorating for the holidays, or adding a new room, you may need to first seek approval from the HOA. If you don’t like someone telling you what to do with your beloved home, an HOA may not be right for you.

Love: The Community’s Uniform Look Helps Keep Home Values

The appearance of homes within an HOA must meet the association’s standards, which helps maintain the neighborhood aesthetic and higher home prices. Those desirable amenities can also help increase your home’s value.

Hate: All Those Associated and Mandatory Fees

HOAs charge a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee that primarily goes to the maintenance and handling of the common areas and buildings. The fees vary depending on the neighborhood’s location and the amenities being offered.

Love: Handles Disputes Between Neighbors

Rather than getting into a nasty confrontation with your neighbors about their unkempt lawn, noisy dogs or loud parties, you can ask the HOA to handle the dispute on your behalf. The HOA can send them a notice or a warning for any activity that well violates the rules and regulations.

Hate: The Threat of Foreclosure After Missed Payments

While laws vary by state, an HOA can move to foreclose on your property if you fail to pay the monthly dues or have delinquent assessments by placing a lien on your property. So make sure your budget can handle those fees so you won’t fall behind on payments and risk losing your home.

Love: The Community Newsletters

The regular news, tips, and reminders can keep homeowners updated and equipped with valuable information.

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